The Most Powerful Voice In Your Life by Dr. Phil Willingham

0b23c0c88bf074e40bd2daac09661c04“I still find it heartbreaking when I meet people, who despite the power and work of Christ, they live defeated. Now, they live defeated lives not because the Bible is not true or victory has not been promised, but because they never take control of their own self talk. I have personally discovered that the most powerful voice in my life is not my parents, friends, spouse, or even God. But the most powerful voice in my life is my own self-talk. It is my desire to help others discover this and then train themselves to not only control, but defeat these negative voices. In this book I will challenge you to stop and listen to your self – talk and become self aware of how words and conversations are like elevators, they can take us up or they can take us down. This book will encourage parents, spouses, teenagers and the aged all to stop and consider how their words both positive and negative affect their lives and the lives of others.”

In his new book, The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life, Dr. Phil Willingham has produced a tremendous resource for businesses, churches, and everyday individuals who are ready to learn to tame their self talk. On sale coming soon! Be sure to check back for details!


  1. Amber Shurr says

    Best Book I have read in a long time, Once you start reading it, its hard to put down. Such encouraging words to hear!!!

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