The Forgotten Baptism

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An ancient truth revealed to a modern generation! This message is not about ceremony. It’s not about ritual. It’s about unwrapping the gifts, the blessings your heavenly Father has stored up for you!

In The Forgotten Baptism, you will discover:
• His path for your personal progress!
• His provision for your professional success!
• His plan for your public victory!


The Great Commission Study Bible

Study Bible

ONLY 500 Copies Available Worldwide!

Commemorating & Celebrating The 500th AnniversaryOf Martin Luther & The Protestant Reformation.

Each Leather-Bound Bible Is Numbered & Comes With A Certificate Of Authenticity

The Life-Changing Features Consist Of:

• 1,500 Power Pages Focused On The Great Commission
• 500 Articles, Devotionals And Commentaries
• Complete 2,000 Year Graphic Summary of Christianity Worldwide
• More Than 100 Leading Contributors From Around The Glob
• An Extensive Study Guide Entitled “Finding Your Role In God’s Goal”
• Full-Color Biblical Maps
• Extensive Bibliography On Evangelism, Discipleship & The Great Commission
• Cross Reference Themes Throughout The Bible

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The Untapped Power of A Man by Dr. Phillip M. Davis

Untapped Power
You Have a Secret Source of Power.
There’s far more to you than meets the eye.
Most men go through life living far below their potential-never fully using the incredible power available to them.
How do you tap into this unseen force that can cause you to live life beyond your wildest dreams?
The Untapped Power of a Man is the key to unlocking the power; giving you access to more strength, courage and conviction than ever before.
Learn how to unleash this power to bring blessings to your work, finances, community, your spouse and children and mostly your future!

The Most Powerful Voice In Your Life by Dr. Phil Willingham

0b23c0c88bf074e40bd2daac09661c04“I still find it heartbreaking when I meet people, who despite the power and work of Christ, they live defeated. Now, they live defeated lives not because the Bible is not true or victory has not been promised, but because they never take control of their own self talk. I have personally discovered that the most powerful voice in my life is not my parents, friends, spouse, or even God. But the most powerful voice in my life is my own self-talk. It is my desire to help others discover this and then train themselves to not only control, but defeat these negative voices. In this book I will challenge you to stop and listen to your self – talk and become self aware of how words and conversations are like elevators, they can take us up or they can take us down. This book will encourage parents, spouses, teenagers and the aged all to stop and consider how their words both positive and negative affect their lives and the lives of others.”

In his new book, The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life, Dr. Phil Willingham has produced a tremendous resource for businesses, churches, and everyday individuals who are ready to learn to tame their self talk. On sale coming soon! Be sure to check back for details!

New Book from Dr. Dean Posey!

PaperbackBookCover_smDr. Dean Posey, Senior Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas, brings you his new book 12 Gifts We Can’t Afford To Lose – What Noah can teach us about surviving the storms of life and living well. Dr. Posey analyzes the life of Noah – a name familiar to all Christians – and discovers 12 incredible gifts that we can use in our modern lives to better understand where we are and where God wants us to be. Dr. Posey has long been intrigued with the story of Noah and God’s faithfulness in his trials. Noah’s faithful obedience to God and the great narrative of how God saved Noah and his family from the ensuing flood as detailed in Chapters 6-9 of Genesis, is the story Dr. Posey uses to illustrate the eternal gifts God not only gave Noah, but faithfully supplies each of us with today. The question that Dr. Posey then asks is whether or not we are willing to not just receive the gifts, but to make the sacrifices necessary to put them to work in our lives. “How can we gratefully receive the gifts God offers?” he asks. “How can we embrace and apply those gifts so that our lives will be better for it? What hinders us from doing so? If the story of Noah and the ark teaches us about our Heavenly Father’s faithfulness, how can we apply these lessons to our daily lives?” With the same deep faith and personal anecdotes that have marked his sermons in almost 40 years of ministry, Dr. Posey explores each of the gifts that have come directly from God’s heart, proof that we have been blessed by his faithfulness.

100% Profit from all book sales will be generously donated to support the development of Trinity UMC Sports Ministry which seeks to introduce Jesus Christ to youth and families.

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New Authors, August 2014

Dr. Phillip M. Davis

Dr. Phillip M. Davis is the Senior Pastor of the Nations Ford Community Church of Charlotte, NC. In addition to establishing and growing the Nations Ford Community Church, Dr. Davis also founded the Galilean Baptist Church of Charlotte and the Alpha Community Church of Alpharetta, GA. Nations Ford Community Church is the home of The Male Leadership Academy, Nations Ford Christian Academy and the Queen City Bible College. Dr. Davis graduated from Xavier University of Cincinnati, Ohio with a Degree in Business. He received his Master of Ministry and Doctor of Divinity Degrees from Carolina School of Theology. He is a gifted motivational teacher, a compassionate pastor and preacher, and an entrepreneurial style leader and visionary. Dr. Davis is the CEO of Phillip Davis Ministries, a Personal and Professional Leadership Development and Coaching organization designed to help individuals and organizations, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. In addition, Dr. Davis is the author of two books, The Vision Casting Congregation and The Father Force, Changing The World, One Life At A Time. Look for his new book from Billion Soul Publishing, coming soon!



Billion Soul Publishers believes that there is a book inside of every Christian leader.  Mr. David Welday III will be releasing “How To Write And Release Your First Global Book.”  BSP is committed to reducing the author’s time, while at the same time increasing his/her global impact!

On June 3-4, 2014, Billion Soul Publishers will release How To Make Your Net Work by Dr. James O. Davis, and We Are The Church by Dr. Leonard Sweet and Dr. James O. Davis in the Indonesian language in Jakarta, Indonesia.  At least 15,000 pastors and leaders are expected to attend this Billion Soul Summit.

New Authors

Dr. Leonard Sweet, a renowned, best-selling author and theologian, has been named among the top ten leading Evangelicals in North America.  He is the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University in Madison, N.J., and founder of Spirit Venture Ministries.  Dr. Sweet serves as CoChair/Social Media in the Billion Soul Network.

Dr. James O. Davis earned his Doctorate in Preaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He is the cofounder of the Billion Soul Network, consisting of 1,800 denominations/organizations and more than 400,000 churches.

Dr. Elmer Towns, Cofounder, Liberty University, the largest Christian University in the world, numbering more than 110,000 students.  Dr. Towns has authored 200 books, with millions of books in print worldwide.  He also serves in the Billion Soul Network as CoChair/Dean of Global Church Learning Center (

Book Releases

We Are The Church by Dr. Leonard Sweet and Dr. James O. Davis was released by May 15, 2014.  In his forward to We Are The Church, Dr. Jack Hayford, Chancellor of The King’s University in Van Nuys, CA, writes, “Dr. Leonard Sweet and Dr. James Davis expand our minds to think deeper and our hearts to embrace wider the Body of Christ throughout the world.  Their amazing stories will inspire you to believe God for similar results in your spiritual quest to help fulfill the Great Commission where you live and throughout the earth in this generation.”