New Book from Dr. Dean Posey!

PaperbackBookCover_smDr. Dean Posey, Senior Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas, brings you his new book 12 Gifts We Can’t Afford To Lose – What Noah can teach us about surviving the storms of life and living well. Dr. Posey analyzes the life of Noah – a name familiar to all Christians – and discovers 12 incredible gifts that we can use in our modern lives to better understand where we are and where God wants us to be. Dr. Posey has long been intrigued with the story of Noah and God’s faithfulness in his trials. Noah’s faithful obedience to God and the great narrative of how God saved Noah and his family from the ensuing flood as detailed in Chapters 6-9 of Genesis, is the story Dr. Posey uses to illustrate the eternal gifts God not only gave Noah, but faithfully supplies each of us with today. The question that Dr. Posey then asks is whether or not we are willing to not just receive the gifts, but to make the sacrifices necessary to put them to work in our lives. “How can we gratefully receive the gifts God offers?” he asks. “How can we embrace and apply those gifts so that our lives will be better for it? What hinders us from doing so? If the story of Noah and the ark teaches us about our Heavenly Father’s faithfulness, how can we apply these lessons to our daily lives?” With the same deep faith and personal anecdotes that have marked his sermons in almost 40 years of ministry, Dr. Posey explores each of the gifts that have come directly from God’s heart, proof that we have been blessed by his faithfulness.

100% Profit from all book sales will be generously donated to support the development of Trinity UMC Sports Ministry which seeks to introduce Jesus Christ to youth and families.

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